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SCRUB: The story of science creating real understanding of biosecurity

Blanket Science: The story of really knowing if they work!

Dr. Michelle DeBoer, first time guest to the program, and assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls shares the data she has collected on the effects of blanketing on hay intake, body weight and hair length. We also discuss the age old question -...

SCRUB: The story of science creating real understanding of biosecurity

Musical Freestyle: The story of dancing with horses

In this episode we visit with, Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, coach, trainer and choreographer for horses! We discuss musical freestyle or setting dressage to music. Horses of all levels can now compete in this fun toe tapping event, even the western horses. Ruth also shares how...

Showmanship Etiquette

Showmanship Etiquette: Part 1Showmanship Etiquette: Part 2Showmanship Etiquette: Part 3Related Resources View other Horse Instructional Videos

Horse Owner Survival Video Series

Horse Owner Survival: Emergency First AidHorse Owner Survival: Horse BehaviorHorse Owner Survival: Catching, Leading & Tying a HorseHorse Owner Survival:Grooming & Stall Maintenance,Horse Owner Survival: Feeding Horses,Related Resources View other Horse...

Horsin Around 2010

Buying an All-Around HorseEvaluating A Horse for Performance,Can This Horse Do What it Needs to Do? Evaluating Movement & ManeuversRaising Your Showmanship Score: Common Mistakes in ShowmanshipRaising Your Showmanship Score :Completing & Evaluating a...

Grooming For Success

The Grooming for Success video series will walk you through how to properly groom your horse for its well being and success.   Grooming for Success: Grooming Your Horse   Grooming for Success: Horse Tail Care   Grooming for Success: Cleaning Your...

Developing Horsemanship Hands and Seat

Developing Horsemanship Hands and Seat

In this video, Kathy Anderson explains certain drills that riders can do to develop the desired horsemanship hands and seat for both english and western disciplines.   Introduction   Western Drills at a Walk   Western Drills at the Jog   Western...

The How To of Knot Tying

The How To of Knot Tying

Knowing how to safely tie your horse can prevent many accidents. This instructional video will demonstrate several different knots that you can use to tie your horse safely.The How To of Knot Tying is presented by Howard Cormier, Vermillion Parish County Extension...

Horse Owner Survival Video Series

Emergency First Aid   Catching, Tying and Leading   Horse Behavior   Grooming and Stall Maintenance   Feeding Horses   You can also view other horse videos on our eXHorses YouTube Channel.

Equine Helmet Safety: Every Time…Every Ride

Over 60% of all horse related deaths involve head injuries. Many of these could be prevented simply by wearing an SEI* certified helmet. Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced educational video demonstrates the need for SEI protective headgear....