Care of the Growing Foal

Internal Parasite Control

Deworming on a routine basis, in addition to prevention and control measures, is an important part of a foal’s health program. Medications used to control worms and break life cycles can be administered directly into the stomach with a stomach tube, fed in combination with rations or placed inside the mouth in the form of a paste. The availability and cost effectiveness of paste dewormers make them an excellent choice for controlling worms in horses. In addition, …

Pastures for Horses

Mare and foal in pasture

Pasture is used as a roughage for horses kept in pastures. Many horses are kept on native pastures of grasses and legumes. Pastures vary in nutrient content, depending on the growing season. The lush, green pasture growth of early spring is very high in moisture. As the spring progresses, the moisture content will decrease, and the nutrient content will increase. Once summer rolls around and the pasture matures, it becomes deficient in protein, energy, and other nutrients. It may …

Antioxidants for Horses

Oxidation increases as the need for energy increases, like during exercise and pregnancy. As oxidation increases, so does the production of ROS, including free radicals, which can damage vital tissues in your horse.This article explores the different antioxidants that affect the horse and the role that they play to protect the horse from oxidative stress.

Oxidation and Oxidative Stress

Oxidation is defined as one of the processes by which energy is obtained from the diet. During this process, nutrients are …