There is so much to learn and take in when you are starting your new horse project. Anything from general management to selection and different breeds can be found on this page.
There are all different types of horse breeds. Some are geared to be better suited for some environments and situations while other breeds fit other scenarios better. Learn more about horse breeds and which ones might work for your goals.
There are a variety of podcasts available to listen to about facilities and the intricacies that come with them. Tune in to learn more.

Horse Management

Horse management is a fairly broad topic and covers a lot of ground. Learn more about managing mud, insurance, injuries, vaccines, feeding, weaning, and more.

Horse Safety

Safety is essential when working with horses. Remembering a horse is still an animal no matter how tame they become is important, so be sure to know the best practices when working with horses.

Selection and Use

Horses come in various shapes and sizes, depending on a lot of different factors. Learn more about selecting the right kind of horse for your needs and environment.


Stallion Behavior and Handling

Stallion Behavior and Handling

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Why Forages?

Why Forages?

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The How To of Knot Tying

Knowing how to safely tie your horse can prevent many accidents. This instructional video will demonstrate several different knots that you can use to tie your horse safely.The How To of Knot Tying is presented by Howard Cormier, Vermillion Parish County Extension...

Equine Helmet Safety: Every Time…Every Ride

Over 60% of all horse related deaths involve head injuries. Many of these could be prevented simply by wearing an SEI* certified helmet. Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced educational video demonstrates the need for SEI protective headgear....

Ground Handling Horses Safely

By understanding life from the horse's point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse's natural instincts. This video demonstrates safe and proper methods for: Approaching Haltering Leading Tying and General handling of horses. This video...

Hippology Academy 2023

Topics covered will be: Color and Markings Digestive Anatomy Respiratory and Cardiac Anatomy Evaluating Pastures Hoof Anatomy and Function Pasture Related Diseases This course is targeted for older youth and adults. Bronze Level = $50. Access to content until August...

Hoof Moisture

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Horse ID

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Mare Myths and Mysteries: The Story of why mares do what they do

Dr. Joann Kouba, equine reproduction specialist at Kansas State University walks us through some of the quirks of mares. Ever wonder why some mares show estrus more strongly than others? Are all mares good mothers? What do you do if your mare is not a good mother? And...