This page provides resources on feeding and nutrition for your horses. Topics cover feed management, types of feed, nutrition information for horses, and much more.

Feed Management

Feed management is a large part of maintaining a healthy horse. A large part of the resources cover forage management in a horses diet. Check out the blogs for more information.
Getting a horse’s diet right is essential to its well-being. There are a lot of different ingredients you can put in a ration, but it’s important to know how each feedstuff impacts its growth and overall health. Check out the Feeds blogs for more information!
Nutrition puts everything your horse consumes into one concept. Explore more about nutrition in horses and how to utilize nutritional aspects of your horse’s diet.


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Are All Supplements for Horses Safe?

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Horses + Soy

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Care of the Growing Foal

Internal Parasite Control Deworming on a routine basis, in addition to prevention and control measures, is an important part of a foal’s health program. Medications used to control worms and break life cycles can be administered directly into the stomach with a...

Which type of salt lick is better for horses, rock salt or brine?

Regular (white) salt or rock salt is best for horses. Many people use a mineral block; however, the amount of block consumed is so variable between horses that it is not a good idea to provide minerals other than sodium chloride (salt) in a block.

Pastures for Horses

Pasture is used as a roughage for horses kept in pastures. Many horses are kept on native pastures of grasses and legumes. Pastures vary in nutrient content, depending on the growing season. The lush, green pasture growth of early spring is very high in moisture. As...

Grains for Horses and Their Characteristics

Today grain makes up a significant portion of horses' diets. The most commonly fed grains are oats, barley, and corn. This article discusses each of these. The concentrate portion of the ration contains grains that are higher in energy and lower in fiber than...

Nutrients and Common Feed Sources for Horses

  Feeding the horse is not difficult, but to do it properly, it takes knowledge and consistent attention. Nutritionists and owners must constantly evaluate their feeding program to ensure that their horses are receiving proper nutrition. Nutrients A nutrient is...