This page provides resources and opportunities for you to learn about your horses and more.


Check out various infographics to help you learn about your horse.

Infographics cover information from heat stress, hoof maintenance, vaccination, horse ID, gaits of the horse, and more.

Listen to podcasts recorded by industry leaders who share tons of knowledge about horses and caring for them.

Podcast episodes cover a variety of topics from everyday life with a horse to innovative ideas. Listen in!

Horse Learning Lessons

eXtension’s team of horse experts has developed specialized lessons to provide the most complete information about horse care and management.

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Online Certificate Courses

eXtension Horse experts have worked hard to develop credible, online certificate courses to educate horse owners and leaders about horse care, management, and business practices. Each certificate course will have its own set of requirements for completion and certification. Many of the certificate courses listed are FREE, unless otherwise noted.

Instructional Videos

These instructional videos or segments of videos are made available to demonstrate specific techniques or concepts and can be used for non-commercial purposes of educating equine enthusiasts. Topics include horse safety, showing, training, behavior, selection, use, hoof care, management, and disaster prep/management.

Rutgers Equine Science 4 Kids

If the kids in your life are interested in horses, Rutgers Equine Science 4 Kids is a perfect resource for them to complete. It is an interactive online program that teaches kids all about horses right at home.

Staying Safe Working with Horses

Designed for youth and adults who are new to handling horses, the interactive module shows how to safely catch, halter and release a horse in a pen or stall and in the paddock.

This easy-to-use tool can be completed in about 20 minutes and provides safety tips about horse behavior (watch horses’ ears to check their mood), and simple ways to prevent accidents (hook the lead rope over a horse’s neck before haltering).

Horse Apps to Use

Body condition scoring (BCS) is an important skill for horse owners to learn. The resource apps listed will help you learn how to score your horse’s BCS, how to accurately estimate its weight, and give you a tool to help you track and record the condition score of your horses.

Equine Business Network

The Equine Business Network (EBN) provides horse-industry professionals with online horse business resources focused on liability, business finance, marketing, and insurance.

My Horse University

My Horse University (MHU) was established in 2005 at Michigan State University, the pioneer land-grant university with nationally ranked programs in equine science and management. MHU brings research and knowledge from world-renowned experts to online courses and products. MHU’s courses provide a comprehensive and convenient learning experience for horse enthusiasts throughout the world.


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Sub-epiglottal Ulcers: The story of learning a new thing that can go wrong in horses.

Dr. Nettie Liburt updates the health condition of her perennial problem child ET with a new disorder - subepiglottic ulcers. If you've never heard of this particular disorder, tune in so you can learn what you are missing out on!
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Equine Composting: The story of practicality for horse owners

Dr. Krishona Martinson, University of Minnesota Equine Extension Specialist, and Dr. Lena Luck, University of Nebraska Equine Youth Extension Specialist, discuss their research into the practicality and benefits of equine composting. While owners never want to say...
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Forage Alternatives: The Story of what to do when hay is scarce

This past summer recorded severe drought across much of the country, combined with high fuel and fertilizer prices. What hay may be available will certainly cost more. Owners may want to stretch their hay supply by using forage products or forage alternatives....
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Bringing up the Next Generation: The story of innovative youth programs and inspiring volunteers

Breana Kiser of North Dakota State Extension, and Jessie Hadfield, of Utah State University Extension, share the innovative youth programs they have led to foster interest in the next generation of horse enthusiasts. We talk about how volunteers can get involved, and...
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Winter Prepping: The story of not being the grasshopper

As the leaves begin to turn color and the ponies start to get fuzzy, it is time for horse owners to think about winter preparation. Dr. Bob Coleman, from the University of Kentucky, outlines what you should be doing to not get caught in the cold!
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Protecting Pastures: The Story of how to keep your pastures alive when the weather doesn’t cooperate

Laura Kenney, a member of the Equine Extension Team at Penn State University, joins us to discuss practical strategies to keep pastures alive during droughts and floods. We discuss how to handle weeds that still seem to survive and thrive, the potential use of cover...
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Supplements 4: The story of doing your research

Dr. Carey Williams of Rutgers University joins us for the finale of our supplement series. We talk about how horse owners can better do their own research, great websites and resources in helping horse owners to make decisions, and do some fun impromptu math!
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Old Horses: The story of keeping our veterans going

Dr. Dianne McFarlane, department head of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the University of Florida, and expert in aging, shares some tips and tricks to keep the old horses feeling young. As proper care can greatly extend the useful lifespan of a horse, there is no...
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Feedstuffs: The Story of why we feed what we feed

Dr. Randy Raub, Director of nutrition and research for Kent Feeds, joins us to talk about what goes into a horse feed, and why certain ingredients are included. Why do we feed soybean meal, what the heck are wheat midds, and why feathers aren’t for horses!
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Equine Assisted Services: The Story of Getting the Terms Right!

Lissa Pohl, owner of The Engagement Quotient, a company which creates leadership skills in humans through the use of horses, clears up all of the terminology related to the use of horses in aiding humans. She is a member of a working group which created a document to...