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Check out the new course added by Extension Horses on Horse Judging Basics.

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SCRUB: The story of science creating real understanding of biosecurity

Dr. Besty Greene and Dr. Kris Hiney, share the story of how they designed and created fun educational curriculum to drive home the importance of biosecurity. If you are a 4-H or youth club leader, ag teacher, or anyone involved with education, this one's for you!
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Equine Infectious Anemia: The Story of staying on the right side of the law

Dr. Beth Ruby, staff veterinarian at the Oklahoma Dept of Ag, and Director of Avian and Equine Health, covers why it is so important to have horses tested for Equine Infectious Anemia. We clear up some laws and share what might be different from state to state. And...
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Mud Matters: The story of how wet dirt can lead to big trouble for horses

Robyn Stewart, Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent for the University of Georgia shares why mud can be a big deal for horses. Not an inevitable part of spring, prolonged periods of standing in mud can cause significant health issues for horses. We talk thrush,...
Extinguishing Heat Stress for the Horse and Rider Feature Image

Extinguishing Heat Stress for the Horse and Rider

Download a PDF version of this infographic.


Extension Horses, Inc. is a group of professionals from different Land Grant Universities around the country that collaborate to bring the public research-based information for educational use. We are a group of horse lovers just like you! Our group is dedicated to bringing you resources to help you make more informed decisions about your horse.


​”Extension Horses, Inc. will meet the educational and decision-making needs of the equine industry, allied industry partners, extension employees, and consumers by providing science-based information and learning opportunities through Internet-based initiatives.”


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