Horses CoP Members

Who are your Horse Experts?

Colleen Brady, Chair Horses Team, Youth Horse Extension Specialist, Purdue University

Karen Waite, Vice-Chair Horses Equine Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Kathy Anderson, Financial Leader Horses Team, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Nebraska

Krishona Martinson, Past-Chair Horses Team, Equine Extension Specialist, University of Minnesota

Cara Stewart, Project Manager Horses Community, Kentucky

Ashley Griffin, Executive Co-chair Horses Team & Content Design Leader, eXtension Initiative

Peggy Miller Auwerda, Equine Extension Specialist, Iowa State University

Jeff Bader, Bernalillo County Program Director, New Mexico State University

Elaine Long Bailey, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development, University of Maryland

Lisa Bradley, Ohio Cooperative Extension

Amy Burk, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Maryland

Fernanda Camargo, Equine Extension Professor, University of Kentucky

Kimberly Cole, Ohio State University

Bob Coleman, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Kentucky

Kara Colvin, 4-H Educator, Ohio State University

Pat Comerford, Extension Horse Specialist, Penn State University

Celeste Crisman, Extension Horse Specialist, Virginia Tech

Marci Crosby, University of Missouri

Edward Duren, Professor Emeritus Extension Horse Specialist, University of Idaho

Karol Westelinck Dyson, Extension Educator, University of Maryland

Robert Ebert, Extension Animal Scientist, Auburn University

Patricia Evans, Assistant Professor Extension Equine Specialist, Utah State University

Taylor Fabus, Instructor, Animal Science Department, Michigan State University

David Freeman, Extension Horse Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Denny French, Researcher, Veterinarian, Louisiana State University

Betsy Greene,  Extension Horse Specialist, University of Vermont

Pete Gibbs, Extension Horse Specialist, Texas A&M University

Andrea Graeff, Equine Extension Associate, Penn State University

Laura Gladney, Rutgers University

Carrie Hammer, Horse Extension Specialist, North Dakota State University

Neely Heidorn, Extension Equine Specialist, Louisiana State University

Gary Heusner, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Georgia

Amy Lawyer, Extension Associate Equine Activities, University of Kentucky

Nettie Liburt, Liburt Equine Nutritional Consulting

Steve Jones, Associate Professor – Beef Cattle and Equine, University of Arkansas

Kevin Kline, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Illinois

Lori Leas, University of Nevada-Reno, Southern Area 4-H Program,University of Nevada Cooperative Extension.

Judith Marteniuk, MS Associate Professor Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Michigan State University

Cindy McCall, Extension Horse Specialist, Auburn University

Bridgett McIntosh, UT Extension Horse Specialist- Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee

Amy McLean, Equine Specialist, North Carolina State University

Rusty Miller, Equine Education and Research, North Carolina A&T State University

Chris Mortensen, Assistant Professor, Equine Specialist, Clemson University

Jenifer Nadeau, Extension Horse Specialist, University of Connecticut

Kelsey Nordyke, Cowley County Educator, Kansas State University

Scott Pleasant, Equine Extension Specialist, Veterinarian; Virginia – Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech

Shea Porr, Murray State University

Mark Russell, Extension Horse Specialist, Purdue University

Christine Skelly, Equine Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Brenda Slocumb, 4-H Program Coordinator, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Crystal Smith, Teaching Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

Carolyn Stull, University of California

Ann Swinker, Extension Horse Specialist, Penn State University

Jason Turner, Extension Horse Specialist, New Mexico State University

Nancy Valentine, CSREES

Betsy Wagner, Auburn University

Justin Waggoner, Graduate Student, New Mexico State University

Carey A. Williams, Equine Extension Specialist, Rutgers University

Kristen M. Wilson, Academic Coordinator Equine Science and Management, University of Kentucky

Craig Wood Associate Director of Content, eXtension Initiative

Mike Yoder, REINS-Regional Equine Information Network System Coordinator, North Carolina State University

Todd Branson, American Quarter Horse Association