Hippology Academy 2021

Online course for youth & adults. Practice tests, slides, digital stations, & twice weekly lectures in 6 content areas. Participants can interact with equine professors from Universities across the United States!

Hippology Academt 2012

Topics covered will be:

      • Equipment and Riding Styles
      • Stallion Reproductive Anatomy
      • External Parasites
      • Pasture Management
      • Donkeys
      • Equine Breeds

This course is targeted for older youth and adults.

Bronze Level = $50. Access to content until August 8.
Silver Level = $100. Includes 6-week access to instructors to ask questions, …

Conditioning Your Horse for the Summer

Would you like to learn more about conditioning your horse for the summer? Review the chat summary to see what our experts discussed in a previous web chat.

Conditioning for the Summer
HorseQuest experts include:

  • Colleen Brady, Purdue University
  • Carey Williams, Rutgers University
  • Ed Johnson , University of Florida
NOTE: This transcript is from an online, live chat. The major topics have been captured in the material below. If you have further questions, please search the eXtension Horses page for

Conditioning Horses for Performance

Learn about conditioning programs for horses and preparing them for more intense riding during the spring and summer.


Is Your Horse Fit?

As the weather gets warmer and riding activities and competitions increase, it is important for horse owners to start thinking about conditioning their horses. Lack of intense work and activity over the winter can leave your horse unfit. In order to best prepare the horse, a conditioning program should be aimed specifically towards an event. Considerations should include …