Hippology Academy 2021

Online course for youth & adults. Practice tests, slides, digital stations, & twice weekly lectures in 6 content areas. Participants can interact with equine professors from Universities across the United States!

Hippology Academt 2012

Topics covered will be:

      • Equipment and Riding Styles
      • Stallion Reproductive Anatomy
      • External Parasites
      • Pasture Management
      • Donkeys
      • Equine Breeds

This course is targeted for older youth and adults.

Bronze Level = $50. Access to content until August 8.
Silver Level = $100. Includes 6-week access to instructors to ask questions, …

"Horse Sense" Youth Equine Farm Safety Course Now Available


Equine Farm Safety Training: Improving Safety For Youth Working on Horse Farms. Expand your knowledge of horse safety practices by taking this free online course!Horse Sense Youth Safety Course Logo

Have you ever worked on a horse farm or equine facility? Maybe you’ve dealt with a bad-mannered horse, or possibly know someone who has been injured while working with horses. Now you have an opportunity to learn how to be safe while working with horses at any equine facility.

Equine experts from Michigan State …

Helmet Fitting Guidelines for Horse Owners

Why Wear a Helmet?

Horseback riding carries a higher injury rate per hour than downhill ski racing, hang-gliding, football and motorcycle racing. Participants in competitions for these sports all wear helmets!

Each year approximately 70,000 people are treated in emergency rooms as a result of equestrian related injuries.

Repeated trauma to the head, even when minimal, can cause cumulative damage to the brain. Each new accident expands the original damage because the brain cannot recover fully from injury.

Medical Examiner …

The How To of Knot Tying

Learn how to safely tie your horse with a variety of knots demonstrated in this new horse instructional video.
Knot in a Rope

Knowing how to safely tie your horse can prevent many accidents. This instructional video will demonstrate several different knots that you can use to tie your horse safely.

This instructional video is a part of the 2007 Master Horseman Video Series. Information on this video is presented by Howard Cormier, Vermillion Parish County Extension Agent. Video recording, editing and production by …

Horseback Riding Safety

Cross Country

Every year, millions of Americans participate in horseback riding activities. Riders are often six feet above the ground on horses weighing more than 1,000 pounds capable of 35 miles-per-hour speeds. So while horseback riding can be very enjoyable, there are inherent dangers in working with horses.

In 2007, 78,000 people were seen in U.S. emergency rooms due to horse-related injuries; 9,600 of those were admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

What can you do to prevent yourself from visiting …

Equine Helmet Safety: Every Time…Every Ride

Over 60% of all horse related deaths involve head injuries. Many of these could be prevented simply by wearing an SEI* certified helmet. Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced educational video demonstrates the need for SEI protective headgear.

Washington State University has granted eXtension the rights to share with you these important video segments which show the benefits of wearing the proper helmet, as well as the unfortunate consequences of riding without one.


image description

Video Highlights:

Ground Handling Horses Safely

By understanding life from the horse’s point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse’s natural instincts.

This video demonstrates safe and proper methods for:

  • Approaching
  • Haltering
  • Leading
  • Tying and
  • General handling of horses.

This video program was a cooperative effort of equine and safety specialists from the University of Idaho, University of Nevada, Reno, and Washington State University. It is a must for riders, instructors, horse camp counselors and anyone involved with horses.…