The saying goes, “Healthy as a horse!”, but it takes a lot of work and knowledge to make sure your horse is in good health. Read all about horse health in the collection of blogs. 

General Health

Ensuring your horse is healthy takes a little bit of knowledge that can go a long way. Help keep your horse in tip-top shape by reading the blogs on general horse health.


Disease in horses can strike at any moment, and it’s key to be able to identify the symptoms and know how to treat your horse accordingly. Learn more about various diseases in horses and how to treat or prevent them. 

Hoof Care

Taking care of your horse’s hooves is one of the most important tasks to do to ensure they can move without pain or complication. Whether it is disease, shoes, or general hoof maintenance, our team has put together extensive resources on taking our of your horse’s hooves. 

Reproduction and Breeding

Horse reproduction has a lot of variables that influence the next generation of horses. We cover topics from mares, fillies, geldings, stallions, and more. Learn how to get the best outcomes when it comes to horse reproduction and breeding. 


Why Forages?

Why Forages?

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Hippology Academy 2023

Topics covered will be: Color and Markings Digestive Anatomy Respiratory and Cardiac Anatomy Evaluating Pastures Hoof Anatomy and Function Pasture Related Diseases This course is targeted for older youth and adults. Bronze Level = $50. Access to content until August...

Hoof Moisture

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Mare Myths and Mysteries: The Story of why mares do what they do

Dr. Joann Kouba, equine reproduction specialist at Kansas State University walks us through some of the quirks of mares. Ever wonder why some mares show estrus more strongly than others? Are all mares good mothers? What do you do if your mare is not a good mother? And...

Thrush Busting

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Body Condition Scoring Horses

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