Body condition scoring (BCS) is an important skill for horse owners to learn. Estimating body condition, or how much fat the horse has on it’s body, is very important to help maintain the horse at a healthy weight, and as a important piece of information to determine overall horse well being. The resources below will help you learn how to condition score your horse, how to accurately estimate it’s weight, and give you a tool to help you track and record the condition score of your horses.

Resource Purpose or Use
HorseQuest BCS Learning Lesson This lesson will teach you how to estimate your horse’s body condition
HorseQuest Body Condition Scoring App Video

This app has been developed by HorseQuest for iOS and Android devices. You can use this app to calculate the body condition of your horses, take a picture of them, and record it with the date. This app is very useful for helping you track the body condition of your horses over time.

HorseBCS App- iTunes

HorseBCS App- Google Play

HorseBCS App- for the Desktop

Horse BCS App Tutorial Video

University of MN-Healthy Horse App The Healthy Horse App was developed by Dr. Krishona Martinson, a HorseQuest eXpert from the University of Minnesota. With this app, and a measuring tape, you can accurately estimate how much your horse actually weighs. This is a great tool for estimating how much to feed, and for calculating dosages of dewormers and other medications.
HorseQuest BCS videos These videos will help you learn how to calculate the body condition score for your horse. You have to touch and feel the horse to get a good idea of how much fat they really have, and these videos show you exactly how to do that.