Equine Facilities: Farm Design and Layout

Horse Barn

Barn Functions

The primary requirements of a horse barn are to:

  • provide protection from extremes in weather
  • keep the horse free from drafts
  • provide plenty of fresh air
  • allow for care and feeding of horses
  • give the horse a dry place to bed down
  • avoid injury to the horse.

The horse barn should be well planned, durable, and attractive. There should be enough space in a horse barn for the well-being and safety of the horses and of the people …

Equine Facilities: Parking, People, and Equipment

Horse Barn

Highways, Entrances, and Parking Areas

Several issues must be addressed before the client steps onto the property. In either a public or private facility, visitors should be able to park fairly close to the office in order to avoid several potential situations, including: 1) vehicles endangering mounted riders, 2) unsupervised visitors around the facility, 3) overlapping horse and vehicle traffic areas, and 4) improper containment for unexpected loose horses. A loose horse should not be able to reach the public …

Equine Facilities: Hay and Shavings Storage

Hay should be stored in a different building or barn if possible.

Hay Storage

In ideal situations, hay would not be stored in the horse barn due to the fire hazard. Additionally, it may be very difficult to rescue horses in the case of a hay combustion fire. Many insurance companies charge additional premiums if more than a week’s worth of hay is stored in the barn.

It would be advisable to have hay deliveries spaced over the entire year …

Equine Facilities: Barn Roof Styles and Construction: Gothic Roof

The gothic roof is a pointed arch formed by two similar curved roof sections meeting at a center ridge. It is used on two-story barns and also for separate free-standing
structures to provide shelter at ground level. It is adaptable to both narrow and wide structures.

Clear-span laminated or segmented rafters are supported by and anchored to the walls and loft floor or to the foundation. Segmented wood rafters are usually used for spans of 40 feet or less. Laminated …