Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky

Recessed Barn Lights

Good illumination is important for the convenience and safety of both the horse and attendant. Provide adequate lighting for:

  • general illumination of alleys and pathways
  • specific illumination of stalls, storage areas, and specialty area
  • outside approach and service areas.


For stall lighting, place one 100-watt bulb near the center of each stall if height permits (9 feet or higher); locate switches near the stalls. Foaling stalls need about 300 watts of light.

Recess lights into the ceiling or use guards so the horses can not break the bulb and fixture. Dust-free fixtures are desirable. Reflectors will improve lighting in stalls, alleys, and walk areas. Locate convenience outlets for the use of portable lights and equipment in alleys, tack rooms, and storage areas.

Open Sheds

Some artificial light is desirable. Provide 100 watts of light per 500 square feet of floor area. Locate general illumination at exterior doors. Control outside lights from a switch near the barn entrance or three- or four-way switches to allow control from the barn and the residence.

Electric wiring and fixtures must comply with applicable state and national electric codes.