Veterinarian with horse owner

Horses can be impacted by several different diseases and illnesses. Preventative steps are critical to keeping your horse healthy. But what if your horse does become ill – can the disease be transmitted to you?

Every horse person needs to know about zoonotic diseases (an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans) for their own safety as well as that of their families and employees. These diseases, their clinical signs and advice are discussed in this brochure. Your veterinarian is an important source of information about zoonotic diseases and is best equipped to advise you on routine equine vaccinations and preventive medicine.

Learn more about zoonotic horse diseases and how to prevent them with a few tips from Dr. Roberta M. Dwyer, DVM, MS, DACVPM by downloading the Saddle up Safely Horse Transmitted Diseases brochure.

About “Saddle Up Safely”

Saddle Up SAFELY is a new rider safety awareness program sponsored by UK HealthCare, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and many community organizations.

Horseback riding is an extremely rewarding and thrilling sport, but it should be safe as well. Through Saddle Up SAFELY, UK HealthCare seeks to educate current and future riders about the simple steps that can be taken to prevent accidents.

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