Proper Way to Bandage the Forearm

Wounds on a horse’s forearm are difficult to bandage because of the forearm’s shape. The tapering of the forearm will cause the bandage to slip off.

Wrapping a forearm in a horse

Numbers correspond to leg drawings above. Note all hand positions.

  1. Make sure the leg is cleaned, dried, and ready for routine dressing.
  2. Apply two or three long strips of adhesive tape vertically;
  3. Apply medicated gauze pad and wrap with flexible bandage such as Kling Gauze, starting in the middle of the forearm and spiraling downward, then back up and to the middle.
  4. Wrap cotton around leg.
  5. Start self-adherent elastic wrap in the middle of the forearm under edge of cotton wrap and secure with a second wrap. Work the ends of adhesive tape into the elastic wrap. Remember to work down the leg, then back up and to the middle.

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Craig Wood, University of Kentucky