Proper Way to Wrap the Cannon Bone

wrapping a cannon bone

Numbers correspond to leg drawings above. Note all hand positions.

  1. Make sure leg is cleaned, dried, and ready for routine dressing.
  2. Apply medicated gauze pad and wrap with a flexible bandage such as Kling Gauze.
  3. Progressively turn the bandage wrap, moving downward.
  4. Turn the wrap back up the leg well below injury.
  5. End well above the injury, just below the knee.
  6. Finish primary wrap.
  7. Apply padding to relieve tension.
  8. End of padding should be carefully smoothed out.
  9. Start on the middle of the cannon bone with a self-adherent stretch bandage under the padding wrap and secure with a second wrap.
  10. Continue to wrap with successive turns, spiraling down the leg.
  11. Continue all the way back up the leg and back to the center.
  12. Press the final wrap so that it adheres to itself.

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Craig Wood, University of Kentucky