Miniature Horses

Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky

There are no specific breeds of miniature horses. These horses are used by very small children for driving and riding. Unlike many of the pony breeds (see the following section), the miniature horse is known for its very horse-like conformation. It is thought that this horse was primarily selected from Shetland ponies. Miniature horses come in a variety of colors that range from the solid to the very loud painted haircoat.

There are two main registries for the Miniature Horse. The American Miniature Horse Registry recognizes miniature horses in two height divisions. The first height division is for horses under 34 inches tall, and the second height division is for horses over 34 inches but not over 38 inches.

The American Miniature Horse Association only recognizes or registers miniature horses that are 34 inches or less at the withers.