Do you have an over- or underweight horse? Are you looking for different feeding strategies to control its weight loss or weight gain?

The Management Strategies course will educate you on feeding your thin or overweight horse. This course walks you through different feeding strategies and teaches you about the body condition scoring system so you can monitor your horse’s weight loss or weight gain. This course is perfect for those who own a boarding facility or for those associated with horse rescue organizations.


The learning objectives for this course include:

  • Understanding and utilizing the tools needed to evaluate the body condition and weight of a horse to determine if it is underweight or overweight and when it reaches an ideal weight.
  • Understanding why it is detrimental to a horse’s health to be overweight and ways that nutrition can be used to decrease the horse’s weight.
  • Understanding why it is important to very carefully reintroduce a correct diet to a malnourished horse and how to get a thin horse up to the ideal body weight.


This course is displayed using the online course tool known as Moodle. You will need to create an account and register with Moodle to view and participate in this and other equine courses offered by eXtension.

Take the Course “Management Strategies for Over- and Underweight Horses”!


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