Arabian Horse trotting

Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky

The Arabian, (saddle type) originated in the wild desert of the Middle East in 5000 B.C. from the foundation stock of the Kohl breed and from five Al-Khamesh mares. It is the oldest and most influential breed.

The Arabian is known for its

  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Overall toughness

Arabians are small in stature, with a concave face and large dark eyes. Their characteristic arching neck comes high out of their withers and ties into a sloping shoulder. Arabians have a flat croup that enhances their endurance capabilities.

On average, they stand 14.3 hands tall on large feet. The chestnut color is their original color pattern; however, Arabians may also be bay, brown, gray, or black.

The fast, free-floating stamina of modern-day Arabians makes them highly suitable for riding, racing, and improving other breed lines.