Reining horse

A horseman must understand the basic nature of the horse and the training principles involved in a progressive teaching system that develops the various maneuvers and activities desired from the horse. Training lessons need to be simplified as much as possible so the horse can quickly develop appropriate responses. In this learning lesson, efforts will be made to explain and simplify the process of communicating with the horse in a straightforward manner.

This learning module provides several methods that have proven successful with developing horses for safe and useful interaction with handlers. However, success is largely dependent on abilities of handlers as well as behavioral tendencies of individual horses. As such, readers are encouraged to seek additional sources of information and assistance from experienced handlers to develop there own specific and effective training methods.

Learning Objectives

Objectives of this lesson includes:

  1. Learn about the horse’s behavior and ways that training methods use these natural behaviors to increase the usefulness of a horse.
  2. Introduce horse owners to ground work and riding techniques that may be useful in developing a horse for use
  3. Learn different methods for development of the rider.


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