Ashley Griffin, University of Kentucky

A small, adjustable 2′ x 2′ window in each box stall will provide light and assist in ventilation. However, windows are not essential if other methods are used for lighting and ventilating the barn. Install windows near the top of the wall. Allow at least six windows between the windowsill and the stall floor. Protect all windows that can be reached by horses with heavy 1″ x 2″ welded wire or steel grating. Attach the protective guard to the window so it can be easily removed for window cleaning.

Windows with grates

window grate Window covered with steel grating

Translucent roof and wall panels are used to admit daylight into some barns and stalls. However, they may become a heat source in the summer and are subject to severe moisture conditions and frosting in cold weather.

Barn Sky Light

Windows add to building costs. Summer ventilation can be provided by solid adjustable ventilation doors near the top of outside walls instead of, or in addition to, windows.

Large exterior window for ventilation

Jalousie-type windows are widely used in horse barns. They admit air and light, exclude rain, are easily adjusted, and have window guards that do not interfere with their operation.