Are you looking for information regarding equine businesses? Need some basic information regarding services, contracts, insurance or liability? Check out the following peer-reviewed articles for business guidance. This information is provided by university experts to help enhance your horse-related businesses, no matter how large or small.

Legal Documentation

Services and Contracts
How do contracts play a role in my equine business? Contracts are written agreements between two or more parties that are enforceable by law. Whether you are boarding a horse for a friend, standing your stallion for breeding, or sending your horse to a trainer, contracts can be instrumental in any equine business agreement.

Liabilities and Waivers
Equine Activity Liability Acts prevent an equine activity sponsor, professional, or others from being sued if a participant who engages in an equine activity suffers an injury, death, or damage done from an inherent risk. Learn more about liability, negligence, and risks as they pertain to equine businesses.

Insurance for Equine Businesses
Insurance protects horse owners and users against negligence and liability. But what kind of insurance plan is right for your equine business? Learn more about the types of policies and coverage available to you.


Employee Requirements
Horse business employees can be subject to intensive labor, diverse hours, low wages, and high turnover rates. So what type of employees do you need, and where do you find them?


Establishing a Business

Business Structure
There are many types of business ownerships to choose from, and one of the major decisions you will make when operating a horse business is determining which legal business organization to use. Learn more about sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs.

Developing a Business Plan
A business plan can be a great asset to help you look at what your business is really all about and what image you want to project to your customers. Learn more about the basic components of a business plan, and how to create a successful business plan.

Economic Equine Outlook
How is the horse industry holding up in today’s economy? Learn more about the current national situation, price outlook, and economic opportunities within the horse industry.

The Real Cost of Owning a Horse
Are you looking to purchase a horse? Learn more about the benefits of horse ownership, the costs associated with owning a horse, and questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a horse.

Business or Hobby?
Is your horse operation a business or a hobby? The easiest way to determine whether your operation is a hobby or a business is to start with a few fundamental questions.

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