Learn more about safe fencing strategies for your horse facility.

Safe, sturdy fencing is an important component of horse facility management. Factors such as the purpose of the fence, pasture use, horse groups, and aesthetics should be strongly considered when planning a horse facility. Fences can be built using a variety of materials, ranging from traditional wood plank fencing, to more modern PVC and Polyethylene rails.   In this presentation, Dr. Chris Skelly will identify the key elements of horse fencing and offer valuable resources to help you plan a fence that best meets your facility management needs.

Webcast: Horse Fencing

Speaker: Dr. Christine Skelly, Michigan State University

This webinar was made possible through a partnership between My Horse University and eXtension Horses. You can view other archived webinars at MyHorseUniversity.com. 

Additional Resources

These articles are available on horses.extension.org and can provide some background knowledge.