Image:Western-saddle-feature.jpgStrengthen your western and english riding skills by using the drills presented in this new horse instructional video.


Western Saddle to Ride a Horse

In this video, Kathy Anderson explains certain drills that riders can do to develop the desired horsemanship hands and seat for both english and western disciplines.

2008 Equestrian Academy, Equine 105, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Drills for Developing Horsemanship Hands and Seat

  • Introduction
  • Western Drills at a Walk
  • Western Drills at the Jog
  • Western Drills Without Stirrups
  • Hunt Seat Drills at the Walk
  • Hunt Seat Drills at the Trot
  • Hunt Seat Drills at the Posting Trot
  • Hunt Seat Drills at the Canter
  • Drills for Both Western and Hunt Seat


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