Weanlings: Management and Care of Young Horses

Morgan foals in field

The process of weaning foals and managing young horses after weaning can become a stressful and high maintenance process. With the correct management practices, however, this process can become less daunting and easier on both the horses and owner.

Typically foals are weaned between four and six months of age. Foals of this age are usually becoming more independent, and are consuming more grass and/or grain and hay, relying less on their mother’s milk. Other factors such as the foal’s …

Weaning and Management of Weanling Horses

Management of weanlings and the weaning process can be complex and challenging. This article provides recommendations on preparing the foal to be weaned, weaning methods and care and management of the weanling horse.

David W. Freeman, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Equine Specialist

Young, weaned horses below the age of 1 year are called weanlings. During this time of life, the foals have been separated from their dams, are rapidly growing and are receiving training and management practices that have life-long effects. …

Foal Management During the Preweaning Period-Creep Feeding & Halter Breaking

In order to protect the initial investment in the foal and to optimize its health and productivity after birth, horse owners should practice good horse management, including gentling, halter breaking, creep feeding, and overall health care. This publication outlines management steps a horse owner can take during the preweaning phase of the foal’s life to ensure optimum health and future productivity of the foal.

Cynthia McCall, Extension Animal Scientist, Associate Professor, Animal and Dairy Science, Auburn University

During the preweaning, …