Are magnolia trees safe for horses to eat?

First, it may be concerning as to why a horse would be eating magnolia trees. Generally, if horses have adequate, good quality feed otherwise, they do not eat harmful trees/plants.
From available data, magnolia trees are not toxic to horses. Here is a list of plants that are and are not toxic: ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.
However, it is important to note that anything eaten in large enough quantities not normally in a horse’s diet could …

Is the shrub called a red-tipped photinia poisonous to horses? I would like to plant it close to a fence line, but I'm not sure if it is poisonous.

We are not familiar with any harmful or poisonous effects of red-tipped photinia. However, the shrub is classified as “invasive” in several states. Invasive means that the shrub can “escape” the area where it was planted, with the potential to displace native shrubs, trees, and other vegetation. Also, several university Web sites state that red-tipped photinia is susceptible to diseases, insects, and root issues.
When choosing shrubs and/or trees to place in or near a horse pasture, avoid the following, …