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The following instructional videos or segments of videos are made available to demonstrate specific techniques or concepts and can be used for non-commercial purposes of educating equine enthusiasts.

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The How To of Knot Tying

Learn how to safely tie your horse with a variety of knots demonstrated in this new horse instructional video.
Knot in a Rope

Knowing how to safely tie your horse can prevent many accidents. This instructional video will demonstrate several different knots that you can use to tie your horse safely.

This instructional video is a part of the 2007 Master Horseman Video Series. Information on this video is presented by Howard Cormier, Vermillion Parish County Extension Agent. Video recording, editing and production by …

Equine Helmet Safety: Every Time…Every Ride

Over 60% of all horse related deaths involve head injuries. Many of these could be prevented simply by wearing an SEI* certified helmet. Narrated by William Shatner, this professionally produced educational video demonstrates the need for SEI protective headgear.

Washington State University has granted eXtension the rights to share with you these important video segments which show the benefits of wearing the proper helmet, as well as the unfortunate consequences of riding without one.


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Video Highlights:

Understanding the Equine Hoof

Image:Hoof feature.JPG
In this video, Nate Allen, of Allen Farrier Service-Juanita, NE and Central Community Technical College-Hastings NE, helps viewers understand how the equine hoof functions and gives suggestions for managing horses’ hooves to maintain long term soundness. 2008 Equestrian Academy, University of Nebraska


Horse's hoof

Healthy, sound hooves provide an important foundation for a working horse. In this video, Nate Allen, of Allen Farrier Service-Juanita, NE and Central Community Technical College-Hastings NE, helps viewers understand how the equine hoof functions and …

Developing Horsemanship Hands and Seat

Image:Western-saddle-feature.jpgStrengthen your western and english riding skills by using the drills presented in this new horse instructional video.


Western Saddle to Ride a Horse

In this video, Kathy Anderson explains certain drills that riders can do to develop the desired horsemanship hands and seat for both english and western disciplines.

2008 Equestrian Academy, Equine 105, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Drills for Developing Horsemanship Hands and Seat

  • Introduction
  • Western Drills at a Walk
  • Western Drills at the Jog
  • Western Drills Without Stirrups
  • Hunt Seat Drills at the

Fundamental Training for Horse & Rider

In this set of videos, basic ground work, longing and handling methods are demonstrated, as well as numerous suppling and basic training maneuvers are shown to develop quiet, broke horses. An additional presentation discusses behavior of horses.

Presenters: Gary Stauffer and Monte Stauffer, UNL Extension Educators

This presentation was given at the 2007 Equestrian Academy at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Ground Handling with Monte Stauffer

  • Ground Handling: Gaining Confidence When Handling Horses
  • Ground Handling: Putting on a Saddle and Bridle

Ground Handling Horses Safely

By understanding life from the horse’s point of view, you can learn to anticipate and safely react to your horse’s natural instincts.

This video demonstrates safe and proper methods for:

  • Approaching
  • Haltering
  • Leading
  • Tying and
  • General handling of horses.

This video program was a cooperative effort of equine and safety specialists from the University of Idaho, University of Nevada, Reno, and Washington State University. It is a must for riders, instructors, horse camp counselors and anyone involved with horses.…