Blanketing and Wrapping Horses for Transport

The need for a blanket will depend on the weather conditions, type of trailer, and ventilation available. In a well-ventilated trailer on a warm day, you won’t need to blanket your horse. In some cases, having a heavy blanket on the horse in a poorly ventilated trailer can cause horses to sweat and become overheated, even in cold weather. In general, don’t over-blanket, and keep the air moving inside the trailer so your horse can have a comfortable ride.

It …

Considerations When Hauling a Horse


If you are going to take the horse yourself, how well you drive will certainly affect how well your horses travel. Many horses are poor travelers because of the way their owners drive. It is necessary to drive differently when traveling down the road pulling a horse trailer. You need to watch how you stop and start, change lanes, turn corners, and back up. Remember, your horses are in the trailer standing up. Before hauling your first horse, take …

Horse Transportation

As someone involved in the horse industry, you may frequently haul horses under your care. It may be necessary to transport them to the veterinarian, the breeding farm, a show, a sale, or just to go riding on a Sunday afternoon.

With some planning, the trip can be successful, and the stress associated with hauling horses can be reduced.

Transport considerations will vary depending on the purpose you have for trailering your horse. While you might plan for days for …