Pre-Travel Vehicle and Trailer Check for Hauling Horses

Be Prepared

In addition to preparing the trailer for the horse’s comfort, it is also important to consider the maintenance of all equipment.

Prior to each trip, check the following:

  • Trailer lights and turn signals
  • Trailer brakes
  • Trailer hitch–is it secure?
  • Trailer safety cables
  • Spare trailer and truck tires and tools to change a tire, including tire jack
  • Trailer and truck tires
  • Trailer floorboards.

These checks should be done before you leave home. Finding out that something is wrong …

Safe Loading Practices for Horses

When loading a horse in a trailer, it is important to recognize and carry out safe loading practices. It is your job to make the loading experience pleasant for the horse and safe for the handler.

Before loading, make sure the horse is wearing a halter that fits properly and will not slip off or break during the loading process. Always lead your horse onto the trailer using a lead rope rather than leading it by the halter. By using …

Blanketing and Wrapping Horses for Transport

The need for a blanket will depend on the weather conditions, type of trailer, and ventilation available. In a well-ventilated trailer on a warm day, you won’t need to blanket your horse. In some cases, having a heavy blanket on the horse in a poorly ventilated trailer can cause horses to sweat and become overheated, even in cold weather. In general, don’t over-blanket, and keep the air moving inside the trailer so your horse can have a comfortable ride.

It …

HorseQuest Learning Lesson: Basic Horse Care and Management

Boy Feeding Pony

This Learning Lesson will teach you about horse welfare, behavior, nutrition, health and other management information.

Learning Objectives

Objectives of this lesson include:

  1. Learning about the daily needs of your horse.
  2. Understanding your horse’s behavior.
  3. Understanding the proper feeding program for your horse.
  4. Learning basic health care of your horse.

This course is displayed using the online course tool known as Moodle. You will need to create an account and register with Moodle to view and participate in this and

Considerations When Hauling a Horse


If you are going to take the horse yourself, how well you drive will certainly affect how well your horses travel. Many horses are poor travelers because of the way their owners drive. It is necessary to drive differently when traveling down the road pulling a horse trailer. You need to watch how you stop and start, change lanes, turn corners, and back up. Remember, your horses are in the trailer standing up. Before hauling your first horse, take …

Estimating Body Weight from Measurements

The 1,000-pound estimate is good enough for many purposes. For example, for deworming, it’s a safe ballpark figure because modern deworming drugs are designed with huge margins of safety, making overdosing a remote risk. Underdosing, on the other hand, can happen quite easily, and some researchers feel it might contribute to an incomplete worm kill and subsequent increased resistance by the remaining parasitic population in the gut. For other aspects of horse management, such as calculating the amount of feed …

Horse Transportation

As someone involved in the horse industry, you may frequently haul horses under your care. It may be necessary to transport them to the veterinarian, the breeding farm, a show, a sale, or just to go riding on a Sunday afternoon.

With some planning, the trip can be successful, and the stress associated with hauling horses can be reduced.

Transport considerations will vary depending on the purpose you have for trailering your horse. While you might plan for days for …

An Introduction to Horse Management

Owning and managing a horse requires a lot of time, dollars and planning. This publication will review the basic needs of the horse and discuss the management considerations important to the horse’s comfort and health.

Colleen M. Brady, Department of 4-H Youth Development; K.S. Kanne, Department of 4-H Youth Development; and Mark Russell, Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University

Owning a horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, certain decisions must be made if you are going to be …

Winter Horse Care

Cold weather brings along extra responsibilities for horse owners. This article contains a few tips to ensure that horses’ needs are met during winter months.

Winter Horse Care Tips

ponies in snow

As we gear up for the arrival of Old Man Winter, we are reminded of the challenges that winter horse care brings. The cold, snow, ice, rain, wind and any combination thereof, complicates barn chores and limits our riding time. For these reasons, we typically do not spend as much time …

Health Care for Horses

A solid health-care program will help keep your horse free of disease and allow it to live a happier, longer life. This article will provide a brief overview of horse health care.

Health Care for Horses 

Thoughtful and planned care will allow your horse to live a longer and healthier life. Good equine husbandry is based upon the principle of preventive care — problem prevention rather than problem treatment. This requires embracing all aspects of horse care that affect its …