Plants Commonly Found in Established Minnesota Horse Pastures


Non-Poisonous Weeds and Recommended Grass and Legume Pasture Species

Authored by: Krishona Martinson, PhD; Roger Becker, PhD; Lynn Hovda DVM, MS; Mike Murphy, DVM, PhD.

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Buying Horse Hay

There are many different options for horse owners when selecting hay. This publication gives in-depth information on the horse’s digestive system, the nutritional needs of a horse, criteria for hay quality, and toxicity problems with certain types of hay.

Buying Horse Hay (pdf)

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Horse Pasture Management Publications

Listed below are some publications containing information on horse pasture management, separated by regions of the United States.

Pasture Management


Pasture & Hay for Horses


Virginia’s Horse Pastures: Grazing Management
Establishing and Maintaining Horse Pastures
Forage for Horses
Forage Systems for Horses in Georgia
Managing Grazing for Horses
Managing Pastures to Feed Your Horse

North Central

Managing Established Horse Pastures
The ABC’s of Pasture Grazing
Pastures for Horses


Pasture Management for Horses on Small Acres
Irrigated Pastures for New

Horse Hay Publications

Listed below are some publications containing information about hay for horse, divided by regions of the United States.

Horse eating hay


Pasture and Hay for Horses


Hay Production in Florida
Choosing Hay for Horses
Quality Hay Production
Selection, Storing, and Feeding Round Bales to Horses

North Central

Buying and Storing Horse Hay
Buying Horse Hay


Growing Alfalfa for Hay

Western Region:  AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY
North Central Region:  IL,