What is bench knee, and can it be corrected?

Bench knee is a structural fault of the horse’s front legs. Bench, or offset, knees are characteristics of a horse with cannon bones set too far to the outside of the knee. In other words, the cannon bone is not centered symmetrically to the knee. This conformational fault increases the possibility for horses to develop splints. Here is an eXtension article that talks about conformation: Relating Form to Function: Horse’s Frontlegs, Front View.
The medial splint bone is under …

What are some of the basics of horse judging?

The basics of judging horses involve critically evaluating the conformation of a horse for a suitable purpose or the ability of a horse to perform certain requirements for a class. The basics in judging horses at halter include evaluating:
1. Balance = how the horse is put together, the most important criterion
2. Structure/Travel = front and hind legs
3. Muscling = quantity and quality of muscle
4. Quality = visible blemishes, coat condition
5. Breed/Sex Characteristics = femininity/masculinity, breed …