HorseXploration is a self-directed learning lesson which will allow youth to become involved in a horse program regardless of if they own a horse, where they reside, or if they have any existing horse knowledge. HorseXploration has been designed for youth ages 12 and over, however it may be appropriate for youth of all ages.

Level One of HorseXploration will provide youth with a variety of horse related information, quizzes to test their newly gained knowledge and activities to increase their understanding and appreciation of horses and the equine industry.

Youth will learn about topics such as horse breeds, anatomy, health, nutrition, behavior, management, and equipment. HorseXploration will let youth explore the world of horses right through their computer!

Not only does HorseXploration provide lots of information, it provides activities for the youth to complete. Activities may include horse farm visits, interviews with equine professionals and simply having fun with the world of horses!

HorseXploration Level One Learning Objectives

After completing level one of HorseXploration,

  1. Youth will be able to describe and list basic horse information, care, and management practices
  2. Youth will be able to list a variety of horse related activities that increase their equine knowledge
  3. Youth will have gained a stronger understanding and appreciation of the world of horses.
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