Nutritional Considerations for Broodmares

The broodmare owner should supply the amount and balance of nutrients that will aid in maximum conception rates and best meet the needs during gestation and lactation. This article provides information on body condition and nutritional needs of broodmares in different stages of gestation and lactation.

Mare and Foal

The success of any breeding program depends partially on correct nutritional management of broodmares. Past history reveals the common use of many different nutritional management practices for broodmares. Many of these …

Evaluating Rations for Horses

Horse owners should have a general knowledge of nutrients, how nutrient needs change with different production and use classes of horses, and how to determine if nutrient supply is aligned with requirements. This article provides information related to the different feedstuffs available for horses, as well as evaluating the appropriate ration for individual horses.


Scoops of grain

Horses are fed a variety of feeds. Diets range from 100 percent pasture forage to 100 percent completely processed mixes. Most horses are fed forage …

High Fat Diets for Horses

Recent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of high-fat diets for horses. Although such diets may be bad for humans, fat is an important, safe and efficient energy source for horses. This article will clarify how to take advantage of recent research findings on high-fat diets.

The Benefits

On high-fat diets, horses perform longer without fatiguing, incur fewer injuries, and maintain body weight with less grain intake, while maximizing forage intake. Adding fat to a horse‚Äôs diet permits safe weight gain …